What Dreams May Come

This is how my brain works:
I watched an old episode of 3rd Rock From The Sun in which Harry quoted part of Hamlet’s soliloquy.

“To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub;
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause: there’s the respect
That makes calamity of so long life…”

Of course I’ve heard this many times before but I was suddenly struck by its beauty. What did all this mean? So I looked up the meaning and analysis. Hamlet is actually contemplating suicide. To be or not be? Does it matter if I exist?

When we’re alive, we dream of things bouncing around in our head, like a computer defragging, putting all the tiny pieces of information in an organized manner.

But what do we dream after death? We cannot know. It’s fearful to think what may dreams may come when one enters the dreams of death.

From here, I got caught up in the life of Shakespeare. I found it positively fascinating for some reason and read for an hour.

That very night, I had a dream, for real. I was at my parents’ house. Someone was getting married. My mom was upset because it was too late to take the curtains to the cleaners to be pressed. I was pitching a fit because I already offered to iron the wedding dress and the brides maid dresses.

“OK,” I said angrily. “So I have to iron the main attraction, plus God knows how many dresses AND the curtains now? MOM, THE WEDDING IS IN TWO HOURS!!”

That was it. End of dream. To put this in perspective, when Shawn’s dad passed away many years ago, we were all in quite a pickle. It was to be a traditional Catholic funeral and not one of us had anything outside of work clothes.
We all piled into two vehicles and hit Wal-Mart and the mall. It actually turned out to be a comical experience, because we were all in a panic and shouting to one another about sizes and what we’d found and what shoe size is so-and-so. We laughed a lot and our little motley crew was getting many looks and stares. We laughed at that too.

In real life, since I worked at a cleaners, I was designated The Ironer of All Things the night before the funeral, and some things the morning of. I didn’t mind at all. With my experience, I could be the most efficient while others took care of other things.

Whoa. That’s what made my dream so weird. It was an actual memory turned on its head.

So there’s a peek into my brain and how it works. Most of the inner workings cannot be explained in words but sometimes it’s like a trail of bread crumbs.

Can you imagine my brain on drugs? Me either! This is partly why I didn’t experiment too much when I was younger. I assume most people think I’m on drugs because of some of the weird things that fascinate me.

For example, at the store one day I must have talked for 20 minuets about what antiperspirants do to our skin and bodies. For this reason I go au naturale on Sundays if I can, because the skin needs a chance to breathe! It suffocates daily!

I wonder how my arm hair knows that I’ve cut it. And it also knows to stop at a predetermined length while the hair on my head would grown continuously!

Yes, so you see, this is why I don’t do drugs. I’m just sure it would drive me mad.
That’s a funny sounding word.
This is my brain on no drugs.william-shakespeare---the-life-of-the-bard

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