Be Kind

Shawn and I have a couple small stores and occasionally we like to hold donation drives for different events.  For us personally, when we match the amount, we at least know exactly where our money is going.  We’re both suckers at the Dollar Tree when the person ahead of us doesn’t have enough money, and the homeless person that isn’t a junkie.

I’m not trying to brag on ourselves.  Just do what you can.  If you have nothing to give, be kind.  You can always give a smile.

We have a small Hobby shop with a game room.  Jessica Settle is one amazing teacher.  She approached the school board and now these kids get credit for playing Magic The Gathering, a complicated card game that teaches many skills.

These kids are the best!  They are polite and respectful.  We just wanted to give something back to them.  The next game is a bit expensive so Shawn and I both agreed to match donations from our respective stores (in secret though, we’re trying to see how much we can raise to get Shawn’s head shaved!)

Shawn has been wanting to shave his head for a while (he’s starting to get bald patches in there) so now we have a good cause.

We placed donation boxes and flyers at both stores and our Facebook posts have been shared multiple times.  “I’m gonna be bald by Tuesday,” Shawn laughed.


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