The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience has made my sometimes an hour drive both ways commute positively enjoyable. It’s cut down my road rage by 80%
I’d like to share to share some of the more recent ones that I deem MY FAVORITES.
David Goggins episode 1080
Now here’s a man with stories! The only person to ever go through Hell Week THREE TIMES in one year. (he was terrified of the water) He is also only one of 30-something African Americans to become a Navy SEAL.
He has a new episode 1212, I haven’t checked it out yet but it’s on my list.
Diamond Dallas Page episode 1166
This guy is hilarious! I haven’t watched wrestling in 20 years but it’s really not about that. Dallas had broken his body and given up on doctors, he figured out how to heal himself. He spends his days now helping others heal their bodies. (He also housed Jake Roberts for 3.5 years to get him off drugs and booze)
Jake the Snake Roberts episode 1205
This one is an emotional roller coaster. Roberts had tears in my eyes one minuet, laughing out loud the next. He talks about his experience with being raped as a child, thirty years of cocaine use, the road to sobriety and had me genuinely laughing all the way through.
Truly an amazing story. He makes me regretful that I never got to shake the hand of Andre the Giant (on my list of people I’d like to meet, living or dead)
Andrew Weil episode 1213
This doctor will not get boring. He bounces around from subject to fascinating subject and is worth listening to twice!
Mikhaila Peterson episode 1164
She suffered from a rare auto immune disorder that doctors had no idea how to fix or even treat. Experimenting with foods and elimination diets, Peterson found her cure. The years leading up to that cure contain some very interesting stories.
Jordan Peterson! There’s several and he’s Canadian and he’s an absolute joy. You gotta start with the first one (I think it’s 877. There’s a few) where he talks about the forced terms of speech imposed by the government. He’s funny and fun and yes, Mikhaila is his daughter.
And if you like biology….ANYTHING by Dr. Rhonda Patrick. I love this woman and I want her to move in with me. I’d be so healthy! She explains how the body works in ways I can understand, dangerous prescription drugs, magic foods and all kinds of stuff.

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